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Left wing agenda?

I can't stay quiet anymore … I attended the SYRCL "Film Festival" on a school field trip — I was appalled.

Presented was a series of short films by children, obviously directed by adults with a very strong agenda in their hearts. There was no evidence of objective, balanced science regarding environmental issues — only fervent, unilateral dogma, interspersed with every trick of mental manipulation (e.g., the incessant flashing of the word "TRUST"). But it was what followed the films I found most disturbing — a young girl (one of the filmmakers), flanked by her environmentalist handlers, inciting our children to join their lawsuits to bring about increased control by an already ever-growing centralized government. I have never seen anything before that was quite so reminiscent of a Nazi youth rally. This is SYRCL! Add to it the recent visibility of one Heidi Hall, who launched a baseless veiled attack on Sheriff Royal because he spoke at a public meeting that she does not agree with, and the tactics of these people becomes blatantly obvious.

In my opinion, these people are very dangerous to freedom-loving Americans, and they're right here in good ol' Nevada County.

Denis Simard

Grass Valley

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