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Lee Ridenour: Disabled parking abuses

After recovering from knee surgery and observing what I consider abuse of disabled parking, I finally decided to say something about it.

While at two separate shopping areas in our town I witnessed what I call abuse of the disabled parking passes. I was sitting in my auto that was driven by my wife and parked out in general parking.

I saw two people get out of the vehicles they were in and walked with no visible problem into the store and back. One had the placard on the mirror and one the license plate. Now I know how easy it is to take advantage of those privileges and how many of us at one time or another has wanted to. Those spots are for individuals who can not safely get from point A to point B without help or the need to park close or as close as they can to the doors. I also know that people that are not disabled use the passes just because they are in the auto.

Have a little consideration for those who need those spaces.

It is hard enough just getting in and out of a vehicle with a disability but then to have to watch someone walk out of the market carrying two bags of groceries and watch them go to the trunk, drop them in and then walk up to the car door and drive off while in the meantime giving a nod saying hello. After I had just spent about 10 minutes just trying to get to the darn door.

My thoughts that I can share are, "Hey you, I hope that you never need one of these."

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