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Leave me my freedom and dignity

It was an inspiration attending the presentation of Constitutional protector Sheriff Mack. I had heard and read some negative assertions about him, but I always like to hear and decide for myself.

Sheriff Mack's strong, plain-spoken words about true freedom, real justice for all and basically doing what is right really resonated. Members of the crowd, who included all walks of life — from dreadies to Tea-Party members — gave these assertions a unanimous, spontaneous standing ovation that thundered in the Grass Valley Veterans Hall at the evening's end.

It caused me to do some soul searching about doing what is right within what is left of my paper-thin freedoms as they are now. Sadly, in the macrocosm of our country, the powers that be seem to be on the opposite trajectory, when telling the truth can land you in jail or worse. SWAT teams are kicking in doors for everything from raw milk, to delinquent student loans, to growing your own medicine, herbs, cannabis, even tomatoes, all under the guise of "protecting" us from ourselves.

Leave me my freedom and dignity, and I can protect myself, family and even my friends and neighbors. If I can't do it alone, I ask for trust to be restored in law enforcement and to know they have my back, as Sheriff Mack so strongly stated, and will not turn on me when I call them for help.

But there can be redemption for all of us here. I hope that the powers that be in our microcosm decide to come back to our community in the new year, stand up for us and respectfully decline the outside incursions into our county so that we, as a community, can recognize them with the dignity and respect they deserve.

Saul O. Rayo

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