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Leaders need to find a way to pay bills

I finally have to vent! The Republicans in Congress vowed that President Obama would only serve one term. They have done everything in their power to do this. Obstructing and hamstringing any effort to pass legislation on the jobs bill and re-building our infrastructure. They even wrote a bill in the Senate and then didn't vote for their own bill.

We are getting nothing but platitudes from Mr. Romney. He has put forth no concrete ideas with specifics that would make me want to vote for him. The Republicans want to tear down everything we have worked for over the last 50 some years! Social Security, women's health, equal rights and now they are trying to dismantle voting rights in several states. Where does Grover Norquist get off conning the Republicans into signing a no tax pledge? How stupid.

We have had two to three wars without funding. It's about time our so-called leaders find a way to start paying some bills instead of riding the gravy train! By the way, I think President Obama should be re-elected to finish the programs he started. The stock market just keeps rolling.

Roy Leighton

Nevada City

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