Laura’s Law critical in firearm violence resolution |

Laura’s Law critical in firearm violence resolution

In the wake of the incomprehensible tragedy in Connecticut and across our nation, I am concerned about the lack of public comment about California counties' reluctance to implement provisions of Laura's Law (AB 1421).

This is Nevada County's reasoned and comprehensive response to one of our own county's major tragedies and provides a process for the court-ordered evaluation, treatment and monitoring of dangerously mentally ill persons in our communities. I understand our experience as the only county to fully implement this law has been both successful and cost-effective. While not a panacea for the pervasive violence in our culture, it is an important part of any multi-level response that I hope will be a part of the federal discussion soon to begin.

I highly recommend a public response and support of Laura's Law by our county leadership and board of supervisors to local, state and federal representatives as a critical part of the resolution of firearm violence that has been so stunning and distressing to us all.

Phil Reinheimer

Penn Valley

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