LaMalfa is reality-challenged |

LaMalfa is reality-challenged

Rep. LaMalfa has a problem with reality. Being poster boy for the party of no ideas is not an enviable position.

I received an email from our reality-challenged representative stating, "I voted against this bill (raising the debt limit) because it raises our nation's debt limit without implementing necessary reforms to our spending policies." Raising the debt limit has never had anything to do with implementing reforms to anything. A $24 billion hit was inflicted on the U.S. economy by right wing Republican lunatics as a political stunt. That's $24 billion added to the debt LaMalfa's supposedly so worried about.

Growing up in Southern California, my congressman was John Rousselot, a member of the John Birch Society, so I am familiar with right wing Republican crazy. Remember "Impeach Earl Warren" billboards all over the state?

Sedition is stirring up rebellion against government and encouraging one's fellow citizens to rebel against their state. LaMalfa is guilty of sedition, as are most of his Republican colleagues. I suggest Doug resign and set up shop in Siskiyou County where he could declare himself king or be elected president of the Flat Earth Society.

There is nothing patriotic about pandering to fools and promoting anarchy.

Michael Garitty

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