Lack of respect for fair board members |

Lack of respect for fair board members

The question, "to have or not have elephants at the fair?" I attended the board meeting on July 16 and, "By Golly Miss Molly," what I witnessed was shameful, to say the least!

We certainly do have diverse opinions; everyone is entitled. It was up to the board to render its decision and we should accept what they decided. These are members that I am sure did due diligence before entering into the contract. What really upset me was the lack of respect for the board members. Example: from 4- to 16-year-old children and youths threatened the board with all kinds of disruptions at the fair if they didn't get their way and another person threatened to take it to the governor if he didn't get his way. Sounds spoiled with a tantrum to me! Why is it that we want to upset the fair for all fair-goers because we didn't get our way?

For shame! Let's get back to the business of making our fair a memorable occasion, as it has always been!

Micki Kennedy

Grass Valley

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