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Kurt Reynolds: Political crimes cut both ways

Among the Aug. 5 letters to the editor, Ron Lowe wrote about 10 years of Republican political crimes. In the spirit of equality, let's discuss real crimes.

Nevada County lost a native son when four Americans were murdered in Libya; deaths that could have been prevented if President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton had sent the needed security force that Ambassador Chris Stevens requested many, many times. Then came the political crime of the YouTube video lie that Mr. Obama and staff handed America.

When a border patrol agent is murdered with a gun that the Obama administration provided to Mexican cartel gangsters (Fast and Furious): that is a crime. When a man attacks a police officer in an attempt to get the cop's gun, that is a crime. When President Obama sends White House representatives to that man's funeral — that is both racial and political pandering, which is a pretty severe political crime!

Kurt A. Reynolds


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