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Kudos to NID

NID has saved our backsides again. A several-man crew rebuilt a section of Smith Road after the ditches failed during the downpour last week and created a 75-foot long, 4-foot deep trench in our dirt and gravel road, exposing the main pipe for the distance.

They spent two days working on this problem. We appreciate this beyond words.

Many of the residents who use Smith are elderly, on fixed incomes or young families seeing hard times. This raises the issue of the importance of road maintenance, however, especially for unincorporated private roads. It is every homeowner's responsibility to maintain the shared road, even those who traverse the road to get to their other roads.

We are all responsible to generate a fund that provides for regrading and rerocking, etc. Our road seems to need ditches cleared yearly, and regrading and rock every two to three years. I figure if everyone had $10 per month transferred to a private or mutually established road fund, that would equal $120 per year per household and that is about what it takes for us to repair a very damaged road when these precautions are not taken.

Please make it easy on all of us by stepping forward so costly lawsuits and liens can be prevented. Contact your neighbors and make sure you don't find yourself in the same situation we had. Thanks again, NID.

Valerie Kack

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