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Kudos to Chicago Park 4-H

Getting old isn't for sissies and many of us know that. Outside chores get harder and harder to do. My husband was a Chicago Park woodworker and photography leader for 21 years but hasn't done it for quite a while as our daughter is now grown and a teacher and we are retired. What a wonderful way to be thanked when a bevy of Chicago Park 4-H boys, girls, moms and dads showed up after school on Friday and completely cleaned up our property. They blew leaves, chopped down dead limbs, raked countless piles of leaves and made us feel that they were so happy to be at our house. We tried to thank them but they truly don't know how much their work meant to us. Do you have any idea how much work can get done with 15 or more people work for you for two hours? Thank you again Chicago Park 4-H.

Peg and Bruce Boss

Grass Valley

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