Kiss Grass Valley goodbye |

Kiss Grass Valley goodbye

When I say, "Kiss Grass Valley goodbye," by that I mean this picturesque city with its light traffic and quaint downtown.

Because with an eye toward creating more jobs for locals and generating more cash for the town — instead of the way it is now with millions of dollars being spent by locals "down the hill," our fearless leaders have come up with a plan. They're going to bring "down the hill" up here!

It's going to be a fabulous new mall. No, really, you'll love it. Sure, the traffic might get a little worse. But think of all those sales jobs at the new mall, especially at its big box store.

Sure, it might dry up business in the stores we have now unless — and here's the next really great idea — we build a big subdivision on the old Loma Rica ranch and add thousands of new shoppers out there!

And so it goes, more money, more shoppers. Who can argue with that?

We'll have all the conveniences, we can widen the streets, the city will grow and grow. And if it gets too crowded, there's an answer for that, too: Nevada City is just up the road.

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