Kids these days … they’re so kind |

Kids these days … they’re so kind

I was trying to descend the rocky path to the Yuba River Tuesday with my grandkids. I'm relatively new to the county and have never been down to the area under the bridge. The kids hopped down from boulder to boulder with grace and agility. I paused and experienced the paralysis I often do when balance is required on hills.

At 65, I have fitness, but I grumpily admit that my balance is not great anymore. I've had a few falls to prove it, while hiking with my (younger) women's hiking group.

As I was hesitating and looking down to keep an eye on the children, a sweet teenage girl came up and, in the most tactful way, asked me if she could help me down. She also grabbed my small dog and my backpack, so I could clamber down behind her.

As I passed one of her friends, he held out his arm for me to grasp.

I worked with teens as a school counselor for 37 years. I have found 99 percent of them have the desire to be altruistic and kind. The other 1 percent become caring with a few adults in their corner.

I was so busy watching the dog and grandkids, I forgot to ask the young man's name. The girl, I believe, was Amanda.

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Thank you and your friends for being such good representatives of our young people in Nevada County.

Sue Clark

Gras Valley

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