Kent Gallagher: Getting to know each other |

Kent Gallagher: Getting to know each other

I get caught in the chronic confinement of political ideology and judgment. These "isms" were embraced as truth by others centuries before I was born. If I can just hold myself a little less tightly I can open to the wonder and pain that we all experience without being hampered by political party doctrine.

We humans were meant to touch one another in suffering and joy. We were meant to touch into our own hearts too.

Clearly we suffer the uncertainty of life that all mammals experience. We are born to die! Not very comforting or predictable. All life has needs and the more I own my own genuine needs and the needs of my community for safe food, safe neighborhoods, child and adult education and health care, the closer I am to my heart. We are easily wooed by greed, but in my more intelligent moments I am aware that truly my pleasure and contentment does not come from consumer goods and the aspirations of the unyielding ego.

It comes from using our life energy to help and sustain the lives of those we can touch. It comes from getting to know each other.

Kent Gallagher

Grass Valley

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