Keep Nevada City festive |

Keep Nevada City festive

I applaud Miriam Miller's comments on Nevada City and our beautiful historic district. Her article was articulate and well thought-out.

And, as she said, our community needs to be a vibrant and current place rather than a museum. If we want a museum, we need to bring back the whorehouses, switch out the cars for horses and we certainly need more bars.

In addition to my support of the boardwalk, I'd like to make a plug for the lights strung across Commercial Street. Europe is filled with small towns whose buildings are ancient stone and whose streets are cobbled.

While maintaining their historic significance, they happily display those same lights strung from building to building bringing a feeling of festivity to the warm summer evenings. It's not that different than the tiny white lights that make the holiday season here so special.

Patricia Nelson

Nevada City

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