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Kate Laferrier: IFM meets its March matching goal

During the month of March, Interfaith Food Ministry was blessed by five generous donors who donated a total of $35,000, enough to feed Interfaith Food Ministry's over 4,700 clients for a little more than a month!

But there was a challenge; these were "matching" funds. IFM reached out to the community for matching donations and the community responded immediately and generously! IFM reached its Matching Campaign goal of $70,000 within three weeks!

The Matching Campaign has a powerful impact on western Nevada County families who are faced with financial challenges. With IFM's purchasing power the money will go even further — for every $1, IFM can buy $2 of food! For 30 years, Interfaith Food Ministry has been honored to serve Nevada County in feeding the hungry and reducing food insecurity. In 2016, IFM served over 7,700 people including almost 2,000 children. With dynamic community support in fundraising events such as the Matching Campaign, IFM has evolved from providing food, perhaps a haircut, and some clothes, to being more focused on reducing food insecurity. IFM believes that people can become less dependent on services through a focus on nutrition, diabetes prevention, and cooking classes. Thus, IFM's motto of "Feeding Families, Fueling Hope" becomes a reality.

"My family has been homeless for the last six months. Interfaith has fed us and allowed us to be able to save money for our bills and gas. Without Interfaith we wouldn't be able to make it from paycheck to paycheck," an IFM client told me.

A huge thank you goes to Diane and Andrew Chang, Lynn and Camille Kerby, Gayle and Leo Granucci, the Mollet Family and the anonymous donor for making the Matching Campaign possible and believing that "No one should feel the hurt of hunger."

R. Kate Laferriere

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