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Just one question: Why?

To the person who objected to the sign advertising our Boston Tea Party dinner displayed on Highway 49, I have one question — why? You caused the sign to be removed. Wasn't this country founded on the principles of free speech and the right to assemble? This is our first fundraiser, celebrating our Founding Fathers and the wonderful country they bequeathed us.

Have you ever been to one of our meetings? Do you understand what we hope to achieve? The answer is fiscal responsibility, adherence to the Constitution and belief in the free market system.

Is this radical or extreme? We are not a political party, nor do we personally attack those who disagree with us. Even while disagreeing, I am sure there is one fact we all recognize. Our country is going through a difficult time, requiring we all work to correct the poor choices that have caused this.

We can begin by restoring the civility that was once the basic core of our discourse, allowing us to respect one another whether we agreed or not. Absent this civility and respect, we will render our country too divided to succeed in the work that lies ahead.

Nancy Garcia, president

Nevada County Tea Party

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