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Junior football’s parent volunteer requirements unfair

For your child to play football for the Junior Miners you must be able to volunteer at least 10 hours (two hours at each home game).

At sign-ups they told me you can pay $150. We are caregivers for our elderly parents and my husband has a disability. I write my $150 check and then I'm told no opt outs are guaranteed! My other option would to be pull my son out of football and lose the $300 we paid to have him play. Let alone this child would be very heartbroken. If this was told to me at the beginning, maybe I would have time to hire someone to fill my slots?

I feel this is discriminating against all players whose parents may be single, working, breast-feeding, handicapped, pregnant or care-giving. I do believe in volunteering to make all go smoothly, but my understanding is that it's mandatory. I hope Junior Miners can find a realistic way to provide for all families to be involved in their wonderful program.

Kathy Phillipson

Grass Valley

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