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Judith McCarrick: World Cafe touches on critical issues

Back in April I attended the Racial Literacy World Cafe held at the Madelyn Helling Library in Nevada City.

We sat, four newly introduced individuals to a table, and shared our perceptions and experiences surrounding race, privilege, our disappointments and our hopes for our communities. When we came together as a whole group, participants shared what they had gleaned from these exchanges.

After listening to everyone speak, my reaction was, "Please create more opportunities like this one to discuss these often painful, always critical issues."

What struck me throughout the evening was our real desire to learn and the prevailing atmosphere of good will and receptivity. World Cafes can bring people of all persuasions together to probe the deep problems, the real concerns, in a setting where all voices are heard and no voice is dismissed. Thank you to Catherine Stifter and all the organizers of the Racial Literacy World Cafe.

It was a great beginning! Let's continue these important gatherings.

Judith McCarrick

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