Joshua Brown: LaMalfa, you’re fired |

Joshua Brown: LaMalfa, you’re fired

Hello, I'm Joshua Brown, I'm 13 years old. I'm sick and tired of Doug LaMalfa and the Republicans ignoring Democrats. The Democrats need to beat him in 2018.

Electing Democrats into Congress is the only way to stop President Donald Trump. This means all of us have to stand up and vote against LaMalfa and Trump. We can't just wait until after the election and go out into the street and protest.

I tried calling all of LaMalfa's offices, I tried faxing his Washington D.C. office, I tried emailing Doug LaMalfa and he still voted for a bill that would cause more than 20 million Americans to lose their health coverage.

So if you're a liberal and you have the time, run against LaMalfa and please vote against him in 2018.

Joshua Brown

Shasta, Calif.

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