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Join our youth in the campaign to ban plastic bags

What a privilege attending a recent Nevada City Council meeting. With confidence and compelling reasoning, local students from several schools made their case for Nevada City to ban single-use plastic shopping bags. The Union has done a terrific job of covering this student-led campaign. Today they come before the Grass Valley City Council. Students pointed out Hawaii, cities in Texas, Alaska, Colorado, Massachussets, Oregon, Connecticut and 54 California municipalities from Ukiah to Watsonville. Los Angeles and San Mateo County have said to their students, "We can do without this convenience."

Four hundred bags per second are handed out in California daily, 500 bags per person per year used on average 12 minutes. Five percent are recycled and the others remain for hundreds of years. How did we shop before we had plastic? Was it that hard?

Our city and county leaders can wait on the state, another city or county to take action. What does this say to the local students before you and the importance of our convenience over their future?

Contact your county supervisor and council member. Attend today's Grass Valley City Council meeting. Be proud of our youth and show your support.

Paul Elias

Nevada County