Jodi B’s more than furniture |

Jodi B’s more than furniture

When Bob and I moved to Penn Valley last November we were faced with the challenge of forging new friendships at a time when most people in their 60s are enjoying life long relationships.

Soon after the task of unpacking was completed I discovered Jodi B's and have since sold the furniture we paid the moving company dearly to haul 3,000 miles across the U.S. Though Jodi and Brandy's talent was abundantly clear immediately upon entering the door, the Penn Valley shop has also brought another dimension to our lives and others. Because of the welcome environment I've met some terrific people, found a church and have seen the irony connected to Jodi B's.

A chance meeting occurred between Jodi and Brandy and the combination of artistry, carpentry and friendship formulated, resulting in an amazing duo. Another friendship developed between two young women who met at the shop, found themselves in similar situations and have forged a close bond since. Shortly after moving here Jodi and Brandy called expressing concern during my hospitalization at a time when we still knew no one … so thoughtful!

Jodi B's is one of those small-town businesses that exudes warmth, friendliness and creative talent, not to mention incredibly low prices for original, one of a kind pieces — a combination not easily found. She is the definition of bricoleur: one who makes creative and resourceful use of whatever materials are at hand, regardless of their original purpose. Thanks Jodi B's!

Laurel Davis

Penn Valley

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