Joan Dyer: Single-payer makes sense for California |

Joan Dyer: Single-payer makes sense for California

A state-run system for health-care payment, like single-payer, makes so much sense for California residents. The savings from eliminating the for-profit insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies, with their big salaries, expensive ads, stock-holder profits, etc., will more than cover the added expense of total coverage for everybody — including vision and dental care. It's a no brainer!

Paying for it through state sales tax, rather than insurance bills, co-pays, deductibles and outrageous pharmacy bills makes sense to me. Small business will really benefit due to the $2 million profit waiver. Low income families get a break as well.

All the doctors I've spoken to are heartily in favor, so I would expect to see doctors from other states flocking to California, relieving our doctor shortage quickly.

Your comprehensive article on June 6, explains the details in a very clear way. The negative comments from Rep. Ted Gaines lead me to think he doesn't grasp the basics of the bill. Perhaps he should read it.

Let's all get on the bandwagon and support this legislation through the Assembly and onto the governor's desk. It's good for California.

Joan Dyer

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