Jews and Arabs: a look back |

Jews and Arabs: a look back

Since Anti-semitism is alive and well in Nevada County, let's compare the history of Jewish refugees with that of the Arabs who fled from Israel during its War of Independence.

Most left following the strident invocations of their leaders, who urged them to leave, so as to make room for the invading Arab armies.

After victory was to be achieved, they could return to reclaim their property and that of the Jews, all of whom would have been killed or would have fled. In contrast to the Jewish refugees, who were quickly integrated into Israel, the Arab countries resolutely refused to accept the Arab refugees into their societies.

They confined them into so-called refugee camps. Those camps are essentially extended slum cities, where their descendants — now the fourth generation — have been living ever since. The reason for the Arabs' refusal to accept them was and still is the desire to keep them as a festering sore and to make solution of the Arab/Israel conflict impossible.

These "refugees," whose number has by now miraculously increased from their original 650,000 to 5 million, are seething with hatred toward Israel and provide the cadres of terrorists and suicide bombers.

Tony Rohl

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