Jewels in the desert |

Jewels in the desert

Recently I've had occasion to fly in and out of various Southern California airports six times, e.g. three flights to the East.

From each flight looking out, I saw what could be imagined as pieces of turquoise or blue-green tourmaline tossed out over an area of ticky-tacky housing sprawl. These were, of course, numerous swimming pools.

Too, there were large emerald green rectangles and other shapes of golf courses surrounded by desert.

These "jewels" were especially abundant in Ontario, a new desert area for me to see. Turquoise and emeralds. Well, I have a jewel in a tiny pool in my bathroom. It's amber. Doesn't it make you feel good, deep down inside, to know that by our sacrifices in conserving our water in Nevada County, we're contributing to the maintenance and growth of these So Cal jewels?

Ron Knaus

Nevada City

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