Jessica Holcombe: Event to support DREAMers |

Jessica Holcombe: Event to support DREAMers

We are very grateful for Hilary Hodge's article, "People should live in their communities without fear."

We were honored to have Tomas and another DREAMer in our area, Doris, attend a meeting with Congressman LaMalfa's staff in support of path to citizenship and a bipartisan bill, The Bridge Act, which would allow our DREAMers at least temporary protection to continue living in the U.S. Rep. LaMalfa has argued that undocumented immigrants are a cost to taxpayers. In fact, many undocumented immigrants pay taxes but have limited opportunities to reap the benefit of their contributions without social security numbers or permanent residency status. More importantly, undocumented immigrants such as Tomas and Doris have become an integral part of our communities.

They are our friends and neighbors, and they know only America as their home. In many cases, most of their closest family is in the U.S. We are hosting a free postcard signing and snack potluck event to support our DREAMers at 6 p.m. on May 12 at the General Gomez Arts and Events Center at 808 Lincoln Way in Auburn.

Jessica Holcombe


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