Jesse Hoffmann: Taking a knee — a moral duty |

Jesse Hoffmann: Taking a knee — a moral duty

Taking a knee is like flying one's flag half-mast under the realization that old wounds have not healed and new threats to our liberty have emerged.

It is a solemn recognition of the fragility of justice and the active roles we all must play to sustain it, especially when ignorance becomes emboldened. It is a show of solidarity among the threatened and those who stand with them.

It is the opposite of disrespecting what the United States represents when we are at our best.

This act is a statement of concern that what we have so ardently worked and sacrificed for over many generations may be squandered in the hands of foolishness and intolerance. It is acknowledging the present threat to our democracy and the pains of the past so that we can hold corruption to account and focus on healing.

Whoever has a platform to express their concern must do so when the integrity of our country and the rights of its citizens are threatened. This is the patriotic, and more importantly, the moral duty of every American.

Jesse Hoffmann

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