It’s not the ravens |

It’s not the ravens

In an article that appeared on the Nov. 15 opinion page, Mr. Rocky Soward implies that ravens are attacking, eating and wiping out the songbirds of Nevada County.

Ravens, like humans, are omnivores who eat both plants and animals. They eat birds and small animals if the opportunity arises. They prefer to let other animals such as wolves or eagles do the hunting and then join in on the meal. They also eat grain, fruit, berries — even insects.

Ravens capture the imagination because they are individuals with individual minds. They think. They figure things out and are more fascinating than almost any other species.

What is actually causing the decline in songbird population of which the raven is its largest member? Most of the threats to birds are human-caused with habitat destruction being one of the main causes. Forest loss due to fire, climate change, pollution and over-use of chemicals are other factors contributing to bird population decline.

Rather than encouraging readers to commit a federal crime by shooting ravens, Mr. Soward should get involved with some of the many local groups that work to protect native bird species and conserve our farm lands, forests and open spaces.

Janey Powers

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