It’s important to support small farmers |

It’s important to support small farmers

I was disappointed to read the opinion piece by Representative Brian Dahle about AB2505 that would have allowed small home dairies to legally sell raw milk.

Why is it that we can go into any Japanese restaurant and order raw fish, but we can't go to our local farmer and buy raw milk?

We buy raw meat and eggs at the supermarkets, and we have the choice to consume those foods raw or cooked. If what we eat and drink is our own business, as it should be, then why didn't Representative Dahle support AB2505?

Forty states in the US allow raw milk sales, many of them from small farms. I think we have wonderful farmers here in California and it's important to support them.

Pasteurization destroys enzymes, vitamin content, and kills beneficial bacteria. Pasteurization laws favor large, industrialized dairy operations and squeeze out small farmers. When farmers have the right to sell unprocessed milk to consumers, they can make a decent living, even with small herds. We need to support our small farmers.

Mr. Dahle, you did not represent this constituent in this matter and your belief that we need more regulation of our small farmers is disappointing.

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