It takes a village to find a home for a pet |

It takes a village to find a home for a pet

I often get very positive feedback from my friends and animal rescue colleagues outside our immediate area, usually from Sacramento, about our pet page in The Union and the sponsors who pay for these pictures and descriptions of the homeless animals within our community.

The pictures and descriptions are provided by Scooter's Pals and other rescue organizations, as well as our local shelters. They are paid for by individual and business sponsors who I want to thank for providing this generous help.

Being an all-volunteer organization, Scooter's Pals is especially grateful for this kind of assistance. We always receive a great deal of calls in response to these picture displays and outreach. We simply can't thank you sponsors enough.

I am sure I speak for all of us in expressing gratitude for this kind of productive help for these abandoned animals from animal-loving businesses and individuals alike. Some of the sponsors are animal related and others are not and I urge us all to patronize them and their businesses as our small way of thanking them for their thoughtfulness to help the animals in need in our community.

We are so blessed to live in such a community.

Please know because of you sponsoring these ads, and The Union, more dogs and cats get loving, good homes. You are their "heroes."

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Susan Wallace, founder/attorney

Scooter's Pals

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