It really makes me sad |

It really makes me sad

Recently I watched Chris Wallace interview Mitt and Ann Romney and I share there sadness on what is happening to our country under Obama and the Democrats.

I remember Michelle Obama saying that "for the first time I am proud of our country." I certainly wonder how really proud she is of what her husband has done to America. We have become a country of "takers" and not producers. We are all poorer financially and morally under this regime. We have to put up with the constant falsehoods of our president and his minions. Mostly what saddens me is that the first black president doesn't believe in our constitution and capitalism and has shown his contempt for both by his actions.

Too many people were taken in by the Democrats propaganda that defeated a really great man who could have made our country much better than one who has made it much worse. For the first time in my 71 years I am ashamed of our federal government.

Dick Panzica

Penn Valley

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