Is the Tea Party selfish? |

Is the Tea Party selfish?

On Dec. 4, a column appeared by Manny Montes in which he explained his Tea Party principles. Montes indicated he wants to "return" to a notion of limited government and individual freedom. He goes on to clarify individual freedom as "people pursuing their rational self-interest."

Perhaps he should have expanded on that remark, because as it reads in the context of the column, it jumps out as advocating selfishness as a guiding principle. Actually, this seems to comport with other Tea Party comments I've read. Who can forget: "Why should I pay for my neighbor's health care?"

The role of government is certainly debatable. Montes goes on to complain about government spending on poverty and government involvement in education. Others might just as legitimately say raise the minimum wage or continue to support Medicare and Social Security. I sense it's about values. Selfishness may be one.

Don Bachman

Nevada County

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