Intersection a hazard to pedestrians |

Intersection a hazard to pedestrians

We have owned our house near downtown Grass Valley for more than 10 years. My husband and I have three small children and love where we live because we can walk to town.

Between my husband and me, we walk with the kids to or through downtown Grass Valley almost every day … and every day, we are almost hit by a car at the entrance to the freeway (Highway 20/49) right on the corner of the Safeway parking lot and South Auburn. While there is a pedestrian "walk" sign, no one abides by it. Most of cars don't stop for pedestrians, and they often give us a bad look, as if we shouldn't be crossing.

The police told me to call the city, and the city won't call me back. Someone is going to get seriously hurt or killed here. I have personally seen one man get hit (although he didn't sustain any major injuries). I would love to have the police go sit there sometime and observe. There really needs to be a "right turn on green arrow only" at this spot so that when the pedestrian sign says walk, the cars cannot turn right until they get a green arrow.

Meg Franz

Grass Valley

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