InConcert Sierra concerts a memorable experience |

InConcert Sierra concerts a memorable experience

Your community should be very proud. I was the bass soloist for the two InConcert Sierra concerts featuring the Sierra Master Chorale and orchestra on May 15 and 18. I want to thank InConcert Sierra for the experience. In addition to tackling some very challenging music, I had the best time making music that I've had in a VERY long time!

It was a combination of things, of course … a superb chorus and orchestra with whom I'd work again in a heartbeat, a creative and always-interesting program and a beautiful venue in which to perform. Although I know "it takes a village" to mount a production as ambitious as this one was, one could never tell by interacting with Ken and Julie Hardin (artistic and executive directors) that this work (and it is work!) was anything but a joy for them! I think they made all the difference.

If there is joy in the work being done and pride in doing that work well, then this region is profoundly fortunate in having Ken and Julie at the helm. They set the standard and that wonderful energy trickles down, under, around and through the entire organization, its guests (like me!), its audiences and eventually the greater community at large.

I see little, if any, of that joy elsewhere (and I have been around). It is that very joy, that wonderfully positive attitude, combined with enormous talent and creativity that make InConcert Sierra so very special. I came away from this experience not only artistically restored, but also thrilled with the many new, exciting and talented friends I made. One can never put a price on that — only the knowing that this experience is very rare and one to be treasured always.

Gary Aldrich

Reno, Nev.

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