In defense of Grueneberg |

In defense of Grueneberg

Regarding the Nevada County Consolidated Fire District recall petition, I have known Keith Grueneberg for more than 40 years. He is an honest and trustworthy individual, who has worked in fire and law enforcement professions. I believe this has helped him acquire the experience needed for the position he holds.

He was not the lead negotiator. Could he, on his own, negotiate and give back unbudgeted amounts of money without board approval? That's an absurd idea. The board needs to step up and say it's ridiculous. They voted on it. And the subject of the video — a reprimand for poor judgment, maybe. But not recalled.

To me, it sounds like this petition was initiated by a disgruntled former employee — one who not only received a $5,600 stipend when she retired (what for?) but was caught taking pictures of licenses plates. And I thought that was illegal.

Please, do some research before thinking about signing any petition. I will not sign it. Not because Keith is a friend but because I think it's ridiculous and an injustice to the fire district to lose such an experienced board member.

Constance Holley

Grass Valley

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