Imagine reducing the triggers for violence |

Imagine reducing the triggers for violence

I wanted to respond to Jodi McDonald's recent commentary in Other Voices.

While I doubt that we would find agreement on the gun control issue … this is where we could come together: confronting the levels of acceptable violence in our culture. One cannot but wonder if this would be the meeting ground between the pro- and anti-gun law advocates.

Unfortunately, we hold the many triggers to violence as sacred cows. Alcohol? Freedom of speech? The drugs we turn to to handle our lives. As Jodi mentioned, the steady diet of violence in the media that we feed on in the name of entertainment pretending has no accumulative effect. Our government is no less violent than other governments and terrorists themselves. We choose violence in response to any major disagreements in the world.

We send our young to wars in which they are exposed to gore and blood no one at any age should be exposed to. They all return with some degree of damage … physically and emotionally. Many thought they were prepared by the hours of violent video games … and went to war thinking they already knew the experience. They didn't.

Our language is the language of violence: We go to war against drugs, cancer, etc., casually say "I hate that," and we damn this and damn that.

Imagine if we could reduce the triggers for violence enough, where it would not occur to anyone to take a weapon against another human life! Just imagine that!

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