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Illegal campaign fliers

During this election, I have been receiving numerous campaign fliers supporting both parties with postage paid for through legitimate sources which are identifiable.

My name is Pat Lang and I recently found an unsigned, politically biased flier placed illegally in my mailbox. It appears that I am the only one in my neighborhood to receive this flier. I am also the only one on my block that has a yard sign supporting the President's re-election. It appears that these two events are not coincidental. Regardless of the fact that I believe in freedom of speech, with freedom comes responsibility.

My advice is that whenever you read inflammatory statements, masquerading as facts, be sure to check the source and verify the information through non partisan web sites such as or True democracy can be best served with a well informed electorate.

When you vote, I hope you will be armed with facts and not hearsay.

Pat Lang

Penn Valley

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