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‘I,’ The Bridgeport Covered Bridge

'I,' The Bridgeport Covered Bridge

Alone "I" stand — but mighty be a sight — a relic — for all to see

"I've" served many passersby

for some who'd trade their souls — or die —

for Gold — yes "Gold" — that was their cry!

In 1862 — so long ago — they needed to cross that river below —

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and yet — to where! — "I" do not know —

But build me they did — and "I" must say —

"I" saw wagons on end — day after day —

Yes freight and oxen — "I" do recall —

and bells to sound — that was their call —

To warn when coming round a bend —

Couldn't be too careful — way back then!

"I" was the way — they came with haste — to spread the richness no time to waste!

"I" stood yet strong and helped them be — Oh my ­— how they depended on me!

Time passed and my timbers groaned —

with rust an dust 'twas rumored "I'd be torn!

Then one day they replaced some things —

Ah it felt good to hear the hammers ring!

A plaque they put beside this place — shined me up — an fixed my face!

Built a park — just over there — Why people visit me — and really care!

As "I" stretch my timbers my memory does gaze —

Back when "I" helped the Miners in the Gold Rush Days —

And as "I" rest in the California Sun —

and reminisce of these times — and what "I" had done —

Why, "I'm" proud, oh as "I" can be —

to be part of Nevada County's History.

Diane McConnell wrote this poem in the 1990s. Hoping the bridge can be saved, she felt it was time her poem was revisited. She lives in Grass Valley.

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