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I support Lamphier and Cole

I am writing to support Fran Cole and Terry Lamphier for supervisors. I base my support on investigating both candidates' ability to think clearly and ask questions that need to be asked.

Lamphier has proven his ability to be a good supervisor by representing his constituents, questioning his fellow board members and not being afraid to take the right actions. He is willing to work with local businesses and entrepreneurs while remembering that most of us moved here to enjoy our small town and beautiful natural resources.

I will be voting for Fran Cole in District 4 because I believe she will also add an educated voice to the board of supervisors about vision and preserving our current small-town and rural qualities. We need another point of view from the majority of board members to bring balance into government. Nevada County is one of 11 counties with an all-male board of supervisors. Another 18 counties have only one or two women serving in supervisor positions. Women bring another perspective to leadership. It is time for Nevada County to elect a qualified woman to the board of supervisors.

Sushila Mertens

Nevada City

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