How about some health care solutions? |

How about some health care solutions?

When Patrick Wagner stated in his "Other Voices" column (July 1) that "an author I am not," he hit the nail on the head.

He also stated that he was writing as if his audience was a group of eighth graders, but even though I have two college degrees, I have little idea what he was trying to say in his column. One thing was clear: Dr. Wagner is unhappy with the health-care situation in our country.

I think many of us are. But his rambling and vague column did nothing to explain why he is unhappy, what he thinks is wrong, or what he believes we should do about our current situation.

Ranting about how ostriches stick their heads in the sand does nothing to delineate or address the problems facing the health-care system. Why The Union would publish an Other Voices column that essentially said nothing (and poorly at that) is beyond me. Though I disagree with many of the opinions expressed in your Other Voices columns, I do appreciate reading what others have to say. But in this case, as a past graduate of the eighth grade, all I can do is scratch my head and wonder if Dr. Wagner has anything intelligible to add to the dialogue on health care. Telling us the sky is falling, the sky is falling, doesn't really help.

Randall Musgrave

Nevada City

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