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Heroes in our midst

Last Saturday morning our 6-year-old son and I went grocery shopping. He has worn a super hero costume almost every day since he was three. That day he was Batman, and I wore a red cape and went as his sidekick.

To the kind lady at the store who gave our boy some money for making her smile, we wanted to say thank you! It is our pleasure to see others smile as we go "on patrol."

I asked my son what he thought we should do with the money. He told me, "Dad, I think a hero would use this to give to people who need it more than us. Like someone who lost a house or was hungry. Can we do that please?"

So, madam, we thank you again for making our day and want to let you know that we will be making a donation to the Red Cross.

We can't all be real super heroes, but sometimes you don't need a cape and cowl to act like one.

The Batman of Grass Valley's sidekick (aka Jason Santa)

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