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Hermansen has my vote

This is a strong letter of support for Superintendent of Schools Holly Hermansen as she seeks re-election. I worked with Holly when she was a principal at Gold Run School, as well as when she was a program manager for special education at the Placer County Schools Office. I always found her to be very knowledgable, with strong integrity and follow-through working as a student advocate. She listened well and understood the thoughts of others before proceeding to solutions with the task at hand.

As a superintendent of schools, I feel Holly has kept our community well informed. For example, school district consolidation has been discussed by many members of our community for many years. A few years ago, Holly wrote an article for The Union, which outlined the issues, processes and basic laws that a district must follow in order to consolidate. Even as a former educator, I did not understand all that is required of consolidation and appreciated Holly's clear, concise and detailed article. She has written other articles, which I have also appreciated. That kind of communication is important for any office-holder.

Finally, her support for school districts as they have faced tough economic times, as well as her leadership in supporting student programs and services, has really served our students, parents and districts. Holly does her job well and should continue her work as our superintendent of schools.

Carol Judd, retired principal

Bell Hill School

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