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Headline gives wrong idea

As part owners of Goomba's Italian Restaurant, we are very disappointed in the headline in (March 19) paper.

The headline insinuated we are taking advantage of the City of Grass Valley and the loan we have with them.

Although we were warned by the city that you were writing an article, we were not prepared for what you printed.

From the title you made it look like we were walking way from our obligations. This is far from the truth. The city told you we were in compliance with our loan, we have never been late on a payment and we have every intention of paying it back.

Rather than writing about the contributions we have done in the community over the past five years, it seems your paper chose to try to find something negative.

Yes, we will be in debt over the loss of the restaurant. But we are hardworking and honest and will continue to pay until paid in full, because that's the kind of people we are.

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We wish the headline would have taken that direction instead of the one you did.

Craig and Lore Hamilton

Grass Valley

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