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Have a plan for your pet

The holidays are here. It is a time to spend with friends and family. Many of us consider our pets part of our family. They make us laugh and give us comfort. I volunteer at Sammie's Friends Animal Shelter. We have many animals turned into the shelter because their person has died or has gone into a home. It is heartbreaking to see these animals bewildered and scared. They go from a loving home to a cage where there are lots of noises and strange people. While you are with friends and family this holiday season, talk to them and come up with a solution where your pets will go if something happens to you. A family member may not be the best person, or they may not know that it is expected of them. They are grieving and dealing with other parts of your life. If they know they will be taking the pets, they will be prepared. Or there could be someone else that would be better suited to care for them. Having a plan is the kindest thing to do for your human and animal family.

Laurie Helm

Grass Valley

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