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Had enough of Diana West

In her Nov. 9 column, Diana West asserts that Mr. Romney took the "high road" by not bringing up such issues as Mr. Obama's birth certificate or his supposed mentors from the communist party. She seems to think this would have been the key to Romney's victory.

Come on now, get off the Tea Party wagon and get real, Mrs. West. We've heard all about it and are sick of the slandering. President Obama has proved himself to be an admirable commander-in-chief. The military under his leadership found and eliminated America's archenemy, Osama bin Laden. A majority of the rest of the country obviously agrees with me, as they just elected this "socialist" president for a second term.

I find it offensive that people are still questioning our president's patriotism, especially since he assumed command after our economy was wrecked by Mr. G. W. Bush's policies and wars. I question Mr. Bush's motives, but I do not slander him.

Mrs. West, why don't you take the "high road" and honor our returning president as a smart, thoughtful leader who is doing his best to steer this country through difficult times?

Rob Katzenstein

Grass Valley

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