Guns, psychiatry and Big Pharma |

Guns, psychiatry and Big Pharma

I was very pleased to see the guest column about psychiatry and the Second Amendment by Judy Caler. I was beginning to think I was the only one beating the drum against psychiatry and their drugs, which turn a troubled person into a psychotic maniac. Every one of the mass shooters in the past several years was on or had been recently taking those psychotropic drugs, and yet none of our "leaders" will go after the real criminals who are causing all that mayhem.

Ms. Caler is correct when she notes that psychiatry's so-called "disorders" listed in their Diagnostic & Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders have no medical or scientific basis whatsoever and are simply voted in annually at their meetings! These are the so-called "experts" who are supposed to decide who is mentally ill? Even they will admit they don't know what mental illness is or what causes it, and they have never cured even one person!

So quit blaming the guns and trying to subvert our constitutional rights. Go after the real criminals — psychiatry and Big Pharma, who push those drugs on everyone, including children, and make billions doing it while destroying lives.

Marcia Winborne-Graven

Lake of the Pines

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