Guns in schools? Think again |

Guns in schools? Think again

Without taking sides on the Second Amendment issue, I would like to point out that the NRA's proposed problem solution after the Connecticut school shootings is ludicrous.

Their answer is that we should have armed guards at every school in the United States. Questions come to my mind immediately, such as, "How many?" For instance, one per school, or one per "x" number of students, or one per "x" square feet of space, or one per "x" school rooms?

Even at one per school, we are talking about quite an expense. Where is the money to come from?

Then, exactly what are the guard's specific duties? Stand on the sidewalk out front, or sit in the office waiting for an invader, or perform sentry duty? How do they get assigned so that they can be effective?

The main flaw in the NRA's proposal is that it focused on schools, simply because that is where the latest outbreak of lunacy occurred. But, massive firepower is only effective where there are lots of people. So, if the use of armed guards is really the solution to America's problem, they should be employed, not only at schools, but at every public gathering. We need armed guards at all of our movie theaters, city council meetings, church services, county board meetings, political rallies and so on.

Sadly, we already have guards at some of these gatherings but the number to be added to the list is awesome.

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Finally, there is the question of cost. Imagine the manpower costs today for the Transportation Security Agency at airports. That would multiply exponentially with an NRA-like approach. Surely our society is capable of doing better than this.

Robert Martin

Penn Valley

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