Gun availability, mental health issues a poor match |

Gun availability, mental health issues a poor match

My dad said, "If you're not part of the solution, then you must be part of the problem."

It's time to be clear which side of the fence you're on regarding this latest massacre of innocence. Donald Fisher and Peter Pohorsky offered nothing substantive to solve what we know is unique to America. We lose more innocent people to mass gun violence than any other industrialized nation — by far.

My brother killed himself a few years back. He was in and out of county mental health as well as the criminal justice system. He loved paint ball and video games yet seemed to steer clear of firearms. Friends, we were simply lucky. Later, my dad was attacked by a lunatic while golfing. The man took off all his clothes and pummeled my dad, breaking his shoulder. The man was living with his parents, who were doing the best they could. What do you think is the cost to address these issues?

Does our community forget those innocent people killed in 2001? OK, guns don't kill people — people kill people. But when someone wants to kill a lot of people, we've made it really easy for them to do it.

Chris Holmgren

Grass Valley

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