Grueneberg deserves better |

Grueneberg deserves better

Ms. LaBarbera, what is your vendetta against Keith Grueneberg? Your comments and behavior against this man are vindictive! Who gave you the right to call Keith "a rotten apple?" Have you heard of defamation of character? After his 38-year career in the fire service, 28 as a chief, he deserves better, not to mention his 27 years in law enforcement. Everything you have written has been less than accurate. Could it be that he requires employee accountability?

You accuse him of many things; he is only one member of a seven-person board. You should know this after being an employee. If I were a board member, I would be offended by your comments. You would leave some of us to believe they can't make decisions on their own.

I want everyone to know that Keith Grueneberg was a dedicated member of the sheriff's department and did absolutely nothing wrong. He is honest, trustworthy and an outstanding citizen who has accomplished much. He is a staunch supporter of all firefighters and law enforcement officers, giving them the respect they so rightly deserve. How do I know these things? I am his mother and damn proud of it!

Alberta Grueneberg

Grass Valley

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