Grass Valley needs Janet Arbuckle |

Grass Valley needs Janet Arbuckle

I voted to re-elect Jan Arbuckle to Grass Valley City Council and you should, too!

These are critical times; the city needs experienced and responsible leadership to meet its coming challenges and to take advantage of opportunities when presented. Mayor Arbuckle has proved her ability to build strong working relationships with the officials of Nevada County, Nevada City and Truckee.

The strength of these relationships is evident by the numerous endorsements she has received from both current and former County Supervisors, Nevada City and Grass Valley Council members as well as the town of Truckee.

As a former deputy sheriff, she is used to facing tough situations and will continue to face the tough situations doing what is best for the residents of Grass Valley.

Ms. Arbuckle has no personal agenda and will listen to all sides impartially. She faces issues head on and takes care of business. That, folks, is why I voted for her and why you should vote for her, too.

Diane Masini

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