Grand jury, open your eyes and your heart |

Grand jury, open your eyes and your heart

As a guest of the Hospitality House shelter, I would like to say that after recent heart surgery and a long stay in the hospital, I lost everything.

Hospitality House has given me some hope that things will be better soon. Since my stay here, I have seen the good that they have done for those in need. We have current guests that have been school teachers for many years; guests who have worked with disabled children and many other professions who are simply having a difficult time in our current economy.

We are good people and we are responsible beings. Those of us here have asked for the help we need in order to move forward. We acknowledge our downfalls and strive to do better. I have seen people here that I did not think would ever move forward, but now they have a job, a home and a life of substance, thanks to Hospitality House. I once stereotyped people like those as of little notice. I am now of little notice myself. I have found out that I was very wrong.

In my thoughts about stereotyping people who just need a little help in becoming more, I say to members of the grand jury, open your eyes and your hearts. You, too, could lose the life you had and may need a little help to begin again.

Hospitality House is a good place and a necessary public service that does a great job for those in need and should be thanked by the grand jury for its service to the public good.

Randy Miller

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